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Is Coach Kramer for you?

Coach Kramer is a highly-effective transformational coach who gets results!

She has walked the walk and knows the roadmap!

  • She has worked with over 10,000 people going through major life changes.
  • She is a person of depth, authenticity, and integrity
  • She combines real world experience with career expertise and a spiritual perspective.
  • She has an original system for rapid change.
  • Her clients are very successful.
  • She loves solving complex problems.



Ms. Kramer’s coaching approach is based on the search for meaning, purpose, spiritual
growth, and integrative healing.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Kramer Coaching offers group coaching to lead you into a better life based on your core purpose,
your values, and your mission in life.



Kramer Coaching offers Online courses, E-books, PDF’s and Workbooks on a variety of topics related to
the search for meaning, finding purpose, spiritual growth and integrative healing.

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