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About Julie Kramer

Julie Kramer is a transformational coach, author and speaker. She is committed to using her
background to expand awareness for people to transform themselves to achieve fulfillment.
Her services focus on helping people become the hero of their own life story as they integrate
lost parts of themselves.

Her life as an executive coach and search consultant has led to success in high tech start-ups,
Fortune 500’s, and venture capital firms. In the corporate world, she has hired top talent for
100’s of high growth companies and coached over 1,000 people to advance, pivot, or change

In the arena of health care, she has a Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration from the
University of Michigan and has served as Director of Planning for a Large Hospital developing
long range growth plans.

In the arena of coaching, personal counseling and grief support, she has served people dealing
with life crisis, substance abuse, loss of loved ones, and loss of direction and lack of purpose.
Her Master’s Degree in Values from San Anselmo Theological Seminary, provides the
foundation for value assessments and conflict mediation work.

All together, she has provided spiritual direction, personal and executive career coaching to
over 10,000 people. In addition to receiving a Master’s Degree in Systematic Theology from the
Graduate Theological Union, she has a certificate in Spiritual Direction from Mercy Center in

Burlingame, CA, and has worked for 8 years as a Hospital/Hospice Chaplain. In addition, she
taught classes in world religion at Contra Costa Junior College.

After coaching thousands of people to find their calling, purpose and mission, she would like to
share her knowledge and guide you on your transformational journey to achieve fulfillment.
Her 30 years of work as a career coach, spiritual director and speaker has led her to develop
this program and she is excited to work with you to transform your life!