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Group Coaching

Find your Purpose, Group Coaching

Kramer Coaching offers group coaching for discovering and creating the Good Life. The focus is to discover your deeper life purpose here on earth and build a roadmap to pivot in this new direction. We will also uncover what you can contribute to humanity and the gap between who you are now and your true purpose, calling and mission for a Good Life.

Forgive & Pivot Group Coaching

Kramer Coaching’s Pivot Program is devoted to guiding you through rapid change safely. Pivoting involves forgiveness and change: change in your thinking, change in your values, change in direction, change of goals. Change begins with increased awareness to uncover the deeper reality. Kramer Coaching will take you on that deep dive to examine the underlying assumptions that you have been operating under. Once these assumptions come to light, you can change them.

Connect to the Sacred Group Coaching

Connecting with the Sacred is the key fulfillment, peace and joy. This is an inside job. Coach Kramer’s approach is based on the integration of story (mind) feelings (heart), spirit (sacred) so that all aspects of self are engaged in the process. The ongoing “conversation” between the different aspects of Self keeps the process engaging. This Program is based on the idea that imbalances stop us from creating our best lives and the way to heal is to balance and integrate all the parts of ourselves. (Coming soon)

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