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Given all the changes going on around us now, we are being invited to make a paradigm shift, at this very moment in time. We need to imagine a bigger vision for both ourselves and for our community. This program supports you to envision your own personal goals while you connect to a bigger vision for the larger community.

But first you have to understand where you are going.

We cannot heal both ourselves and the world if we do not make a shift that changes us substantially. Substantial change comes from balance of mind, body and spirit, and recognizing that a change in one will change the other parts of ourselves.

This three pronged program enables you to make this shift.

  • The first step is to discover your purpose, calling and mission.
  • The second step is to re-connect with the divine.
  • The third step is to grieve, forgive, and find wisdom

I believe that these three steps will enable you to create a life built on your true calling and purpose, integrated into the larger community vision.

This work is based on the idea that each of us is called to move toward wholeness and to integrate the many different aspects of our psyche, spirit, soul, body, mind and heart. The idea is that as we move toward integration and wholeness, we understand that all of our life is purposeful.

To talk this over, contact Coach Kramer at julie@kramercoaching.com