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Grief to Gratitude, the Art of Grieving by Julie Kramer

Is your grief holding you back? Does it seem to last forever? You don’t have to carry grief and it does not need to last a lifetime. This book shows you how to release grief permanently.

Contrary to popular opinion, Ms. Kramer argues that grief does not have to last forever. She gives you a new method to process sorrows, regrets, resentments, and anger. In this book, she gives you a map for rapid pivoting towards new values, possibilities and choices. Each chapter increases your motivation to create a life based on your soul’s truth. If you are sick and tired of ongoing grief then this book is for you.

Forgiveness by Julie Kramer

Lesson on Forgiveness which comes from my life struggles and personal experience. I have spent a lifetime working on this. I can tell you this process works.